The valorization of rainwater



For a irreproachable water quality 5µ upstream of the tank is 0.005 mm.


We propose a tank concrete buried, in order to protect stored water of the light and heat. But also for its durability like its characteristic to go up the pH of rainwater which is naturally acid, by way of contact with the concrete.


An automatic system makes it possible to rock on water of city in case of draining of the tank.

A FILTRATION with 1µ : that is to say 0.001 mm right before the domestic network.


ULTRA-VIOLETS : for a use "Autonomy". The sun emits an invisible light: ultra-violets. This phénomème natural is reproduced with emitting interior of the engines thanks to powerful lamps resulting from last technologies of rays UV-C. 
This treatment allows decimate micro-organisms in the respect of environment.

Rainwater is not considered drinkable.